A possible explanation of what goes on within the atom. Based on an understanding that the atom is composed entirely of Aether substance.

Emerging new technology


Unifying field oscillation technology is the mechanical study of kinetics and helps explain the “static and mobile mechanics of energy interaction” with regards a unified field. The technology is based upon an understanding of atomic physics whereby it is theorized that a binary interaction takes place within the atom that results in a nucleus of positive gravity that is surrounded by the oscillating mobile units of force that are themselves connected by an internal mobile helical trajectory of transitional energy (referred to as an “economy flow system”). Economy because the greater the forces of the oscillating units, the more positive


does the internal gravity become and themore dense does the flowing forces become. Around this configuration of flow force energy is an outer static barrier layer (polarized zone) of non flow energy that is a product of the internal oscillating units of force. The testing of the unifying field oscillator revealed how a linear flow is able to be achieved by an integration of rotating planes in the presence of a carefully crafted static baffle referred to as a mantle. Thereby this investigation revealed ” the static and mobile mechanics of energy interaction” and demonstrated how


a flow is able to be controlled without inducing any form of turbulence exterior to itself. Consequently, when the unit functions at high revolutions the mechanism is perfectly silent and curiously enough the helical trajectory upon which the economy flow traverses is able to tunnel through both the outflow and the inflow without deviation. Conclusion: A helical trajectory must contain a degree of positive gravity which provides the economy flow with more density and in some way is related directly to the energy efficiency aspect.

atomAtoms I believe can be considered as mobile energy knots comprised of transforming charges. The knot is composed of positive negative charges donated by the proton/electron that are in a constant state of interactive internal motion and this is why, I believe, it is difficult to study the atomic make-up with regards charges and give each charge a specific name and meaning. For me, what is important is the internal kinetics with regards an atoms internal geometric pattern. Once the flow pattern is established then names to the charges that make up the flow by position will be better understood. I realize my explanation of the atom as such is a very simplified view of a complex subject but every subject always starts from basic simple and graduate from the bottom up. This internal economy flow, I believe, is very important because it represents an entrapment of mobile energy that when disturbed is able to store the force that disturbed it, within it for a specific period of time and thereby factor into an efficiency effect that will be reflected in some way dependent upon the disturbance. Inertia of a bodily object, I believe, is directly related to this internal flow within the atom.

From my own observations of the mechanism this is how I see the atomic dimensions. The proton vortex and electron vortex oscillate towards and away from the central positive gravity. The centre of each vortex contains positive gravity. The vacant space provides for a channel of flow. The central proton vortex is a helical trajectory of flow that raps itself around the helical trajectory of electron flow and constitutes the “economy flow system”. The proton flow expands slightly and the electron flow contracts slightly. This now provides for a neutral flow of a potential. In dense substance this neutral flow is high energy such as in uranium but in gas this neutral flow is soft energy. When positive gravity breaks down this neutral flow of energy flows out instead of in and becomes the energy of a ray with a degree of positive gravity that upon striking an object releases a degree of heat equal to the energy that first produced the helical trajectory of the “economy flow”. Positive gravity will break down in two ways, either by penetration of the nucleus with an amount of aether or by the unit of positive gravity straying into an area that contains a greater magnitude of positive gravity than itself.

The mechanism provides for a non turbulent flow and the design being integral is space efficient in comparison to products with a mechanism designed upon a single rotating plane and that in consequence are less energy efficient because of generating turbulence. Whether the mechanism is designed as passive or aggressive is dependent upon application. For the passive set-up there are many applications but one that I prefer that utilizes eight rotors is in the design of an aircraft that could be termed a mobile building because of its resemblance to a solid structure rather than a missile. This type of aircraft has to have a specially designed fuselage to accommodate the static barrier layer that surrounds the mechanism and the discharged flow.

Below is the video, photographs and diagrams that help explain this fascinating subject.

The mechanism is compromised of air screws in multiples of four.

Diagram 1
Top Elevation:
Static Frame inclusive of four rotors that support four air screws.


Diagram 2
Side elevation:
Assembly (showing economy flow circuit)


Early development stage of unifying field oscillation technology. Mounted upon a free standing trolley.



Below we have some video footage of the prototype in operation.


Aggressive activity:

Four blade unit of a discoid design whereby four air screws rotate around a central axis. No internal economy flow system. Focal point of positive gravity extends 12 ft. from central axis upon a helical trajectory.

prototype mounted

  prototype closeup


Tri Teck Industries Inc.

Unifing Field Oscillation Technology

rotor view

8 rotors inset into the mantle supporting 8 air screws

Protype Unit

8-Rotors fitted with:

45-degree 16 inch propellers


  Prototype test unit mounted onto to a metal frame. Fully mounted  





Bi-Polar Unifying Field Oscillator minus motor and


embodied into the concept of an aircraft propulsion mechanism



This technology has been presented to several government research institutions. Each institution showed immediate interest but in each case the technology was denied funding by those individuals who control the finance. The inventor after having many discussions with various individuals was finally told that the technology was ‘before its time’ and that if investors in the power industry became aware of its existence then it could have devastating consequences with regards our present day economy. From the inventors experience it seems that atomic physics is a subject shrouded in mystery because of an over complicated format of presentation at the entrance level and incomplete present day accepted theories. It seems very little in depth research has been done with regards kinetic energy and conservational forces at an atomic level by main stream physics or if it is or has its certainly not been broadcast. What the inventor believes is that mechanical and electrical engineering has a close association when it comes to kinetic energy and conservational force because all structure is made of electrical energy or aether substance of a geometric design. Therefore, to apply this new technology to both the mechanical and electrical fields of engineering the possibilities within the very near future could be limitless.

It seems, to be becoming ever more clear that rules exists in physics whereby if a phenomena is unable to be explained even if it can be demonstrated or whereby present accepted theories are challenged, main stream academia and the press is muzzled by peer pressure. Consequently, I can only agree with many others in similar positions, as myself, who say we need a new framework for physics if we are to move forward into a new age of understanding with regards energy, the atom and the cosmos.